🔴 From BPO Team Leader to QuickBooks Bookkeeping Specialist | Maricris Santos | #JasSuccess 038


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Watch Maricris Santos aka Ricsei on #JasSuccess as she shares with Jason Dulay her freelancing success.

In this interview, Ricsei talks a lot including;

✅ The reasons why she wouldn’t exchange freelancing with any corporate job,
✅ The important mindset shifts she’s been through,
✅ What she thinks about Faith vs Law of Attraction
✅ How she was able to retain her very first freelancing client

and so much more…

Ricsei is a QBO ProAdvisor specializing in book cleanups. She’s also an affiliate marketer and a technical copywriter.

She’s part of WFHR’s Road to P100k Masterclass Wave 2 and has been sharing her knowledge with others through Facebook.

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Jason Dulay is the founder of Work from Home Roadmap, the top work from home and freelance website for Filipinos with over 200,000 visitors monthly. Jason foresees online work as an opportunity for Filipinos all around the country to earn higher pay, improve their quality of life, and increase their access to technology.

Jason hosts weekly interviews with successful freelancers, releases best practices and tips for freelancing, and creates inspirational videos for his audience.


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🔴 From BPO Team Leader to QuickBooks Bookkeeping Specialist | Maricris Santos | #JasSuccess 038
► https://youtu.be/-gga_HmUVx4


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