10 Steps to Freelancing Online: Insights from an Illiterate Watchman who Became a Top-rated Freelance Copywriter

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The Last Guide You Need to Become a Self-Employed Freelancer, Working From Home while Making Your Dream Income

“I just can’t handle this anymore! Is this all life has for me? All my dreams… all my hopes SOLD! For what… $150 a month salary. I need an escape plan or I’m going crazy!”

That’s what I was telling myself every day while working as a security guard… and yes, this was my actual salary.

I feel like this was a whole different person, living in a different world. Now, I’ve been a successful copywriter for almost a decade now.

Making great living and being praised by my clients, some of who wouldn’t believe if they saw me with my security guard uniform.

I found my escape plan and I’ve been actively helping others apply my field-proven blueprint for escaping the rat race and becoming self-employed freelancer earning 6 & 7-figures.

Doing exactly what they love while eliminating the need of having a boss, annoying colleagues, alarm, or counting the minutes until the day end.

No more ‘cold 6 AM winter mornings’ trying to chug a breakfast before work;
or being stuck in the traffic on your summer commutes.

What you’re getting is my personal step-by-step blueprint to become a self-employed and get the freedom lifestyle you deserve!

No matter if you’re just starting out or you already have a few clients under your belt my decade of experience will teach you:

  • The Freelance Success Mindset: Learn my bulletproof formula for having a successful mindset shifting from employee to high-ticket freelancer
  • Charge High-Ticket Expert Level Rates: Eliminate your limiting beliefs and learn how to charge expert rates while your clients are grateful to work with you
  • Creating a Persuasive Resume: My top insiders’ secrets from testing every possibility for a successful resume that will crush the competition
  • WARNING! 15 Freelancer Mistakes You Must Not Do: This can not only make you money but save you from tons of troubles you don’t want to be in
  • And Much More!

No matter if you’re just about to close your first client or you’ve been a freelancer for a few years, you can find ideas that will make you a better freelancer inside this book!

If a security guard barely making the ends with his $150 can make this, then anyone can!

Let’s start your journey…

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