12 Brand New Resell Rights Videos

12 Resell Rights Videos

If you’ve ever tried to install a resell rights package before, then you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. I mean all you want to do is get it online so you can make some money right?

Well, you’re in luck today my friend, because I just made 12 brand new videos that walks you through step by step to show you exactly how to install your resell rights package.

No longer do you need to scratch your head wondering how on earth you’re ever going to get everything setup properly so you can start making money. All the answers are in this package!

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Introducing… Resell Rights Videos!

Video 1- Buying a domain for your resell rights package.

Video 2- Configuring your hosting account for your resell rights package.

Video 3- Changing your nameservers to your hosting account for your resell rights package domain name.

Video 4- Downloading FTP software and setting up your FTP account to upload your resell rights package to your server.

Video 5- Unzipping your resell rights package and editing the sales page.

Video 6- Uploading your images folder to your FTP account.

Video 7- Setting up a PayDotCom payment button for your resell rights package.

Video 8- Installing your PayDotCom payment button on your sales page.

Video 9- Creating a new aweber autoresponder and adding the code to your thank you page.

Video 10- Editing and configuring your product download page.

Video 11- Uploading your edited resell rights package to your server with your FTP account.

Video 12- Checking your new resell rights package to make sure all of your pages are correctly edited and functioning properly.

We give you 4 Purchase Options, Personal Use, Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights and Private Labek Rights all priced at a very Low Indtroductory Price. But Don’t Delay these prices will not last Long!

All Details – CLICK HERE

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