1InTheOffice Counterfeit Bill Detector, Real Counterfeit Money, Fraud Detection Pen, 6/Pack

Price: $6.99
(as of Apr 30,2021 22:10:04 UTC – Details)

1InTheOffice Counterfeit Bill Detector Pen
Must-have pen to check for counterfeit bills for verifying bills in any cash-handling environment. The bill detector pen reacts with fraudulent bills by marking them with a dark brown or black stain, but does not leave marks on legitimate bills. Keeping a counterfeit money detector pen handy will help you catch bad bills and deter would-be criminals from passing them off on you. With this counterfeit bill detector pen, you’ll have everything you need for small business success when it comes to making sure you’re not being handed “play money”. You will get the best money tester pen available, and a detailed informative guide for detecting cash.

★ PROTECT YOUR PROFITS: Avoid profit loss with this 1InTheOffice Counterfeit Bill Detector Pens that’s perfect for convenience stores, small businesses, garage sales, office desk accessories, selling craigslist cars, selling on craigslist in general, farmers markets, retail stores, kiosk security tools, or any other environment where you need to detect real money.
★ MONEY TALKS: From retail sales to individual financial security, lost money hurts. With so much fake money that looks real in circulation, you need a counterfeit money detector marker when it comes to cash handling. It is so easy to be fooled by fake money because counterfeiters are better than ever at deception. Cash handling is a risky business if you are not utilizing the strategies to protect you from counterfeit bills.
★ FEEL COMPLETE PROTECTION: By shielding yourself from fake bills with these counterfeits testers. 1InTheOffice Counterfeit Bill Detector Pens consistently checks for and defects fakes within seconds. These checkers are a long-term solution to efficiently safeguard your business’s finances from counterfeits.
Easy to use and fool-proof money checker, requires minimal instruction
Reacts with counterfeit bills by leaving a dark mark
It reacts to starch leaving a dark brown or black mark
Avoid profit loss, it is perfect for convenience stores, small businesses, garage sales, etc.

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