Raffle Site Script with PLR and Win $497 Price

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The Raffle Site Script is Packed With Features:

-Fully accessible and customizable PHP script!
-Use the Raffle Site Script on an Unlimited Amount of
domains/websites that you own!
-Allows only 1 prize per Ticket(s) Owner for Fairness!
-Runs 100% Automatedly for your convenience!
-Confirms All Orders With PayPal for Right Price, Pay-to Email and Validity!
-Lets you limit the maximum amount of tickets per member!
-Lets you setup Raffles in Which Everyone Wins or Not (your choice)!
-You can run an unlimited amount of Raffles with the script!
-Comes with an Easy to Use Web Page Editor Built Right into the Script!
-You will have Full Control as to Every Single Detail of your site!
-It uses a Web Template system to help you change the way the script looks instantly!
-Can be set to run FREE raffles to use as a List Builder Utility!

All Details And Raffle Ticket

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One Response to “Raffle Site Script with PLR and Win $497 Price”

  1. Mark DeMeo Says:
    I bought a copy of your program form http://rafflesitescript.com/RaffleSiteScript/
    and I can not get it to work. There was no .exe file and the direction start with: Creat the MySQL Database and user to access it. How do I do this? Thanks

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