eCover Black Pack: 35 eCover Pro Action Scripts & 100min Video

eCover Black PackDid you know that all graphic designers that create eCovers create them using Action Scripts? Just what is an action script you might be asking?

It’s a program that interfaces with Photoshop and automatically creates the eCover for them. You read that right, it creates the eCover FOR them!

This means that your eCovers that you’ve been paying out the nose for are being created in just seconds and minutes, not hours and days! Today you can get your hands on this secret graphic designer tool that they don’t want you to know about.

How many eCovers have you paid to have created across all of your products? You need them for tons of things such as the following when trying to sell your products…

*Software Products
*Informational Products
*Reports & Newsletter Subscriptions

Grab your eCover BlackPack with Master Resale Rights Today:

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Photoshop FundamentalsTwo great guides to all the fundamentals of Photoshop. This shows you step by step how to use all the key functions plus lots of tips and secrets to the more advanced techniques. Both are must-have ebooks for all users who want to get better results in a shorter time. The eBooks comes in Adobe PDF format for PC and MAC.

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