How to Make Passive Income | 7 Proven Ways (No Experience Required)

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in this video, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you 7 ways to make PASSIVE income online, even if you have little or no experience.

Want the good news or bad news first?

THE GOOD NEWS: You’re watching this online, means you have internet, means you have the ability to make passive income. Congratulations.

THE BAD NEWS: Passive income takes SYSTEMS to set up. In general, the HARDER it is to make the system/more time/build out — the MORE money you’ll make! But don’t be discouraged, everything is LEARNABLE.

Think about how cool this is — set up systems once or twice, pay you 24/7 365. Kinda like having little robots or minions making you money online.

I’m a full-time entrepreneur — make my money online. First six-figure year this year online income.

DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT comprehensive guide – serves as inspiration for you. Ask yourself “could I do that?” and hopefully take action on 1 or 2 of these research further.

Remember to think “Integrated Product Suite”

Ex: APPLE — have iPhone, have iMac, have iPad — do you need all 3? maybe, but they work together! Why so great. Same with your methods online. Integrate as many of these as possible!


1. BROKE: Freelance
Need money tomorrow
Low hanging fruit
1. Survey: Swagbucks
2. Freelance: Fiverr
3. Freelance: UpWork

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2. Kindle ebooks
Go through the K Money Mastery Course: (affiliate)
Outsource on EpicWrite (book writing)
Outsource on Fiverr (cover)

3. Affiliate marketing
EX: Qapital App I promoted — made a video related to it and sent quality traffic their way. Sent over 1,000 signups that converted into over $5,000 in around 5-months. Get Qapital:

4. Advertising
EX: Youtube AdSense
EX: Blog — Google AdSense on blog sidebar
EX: Podcast (need 20k downloads/mo)
EX: Brand Deals and Influencer Marketing

5. Online Courses
EX: My Best Journal 2.0 Course
EX: Video Breakthrough Academy Course
Resources: Create awesome online courses using the Teachable: (affiliate)

7. Stocks
EX: Dividend yielding stocks— quarterly/annual/etc
EX: Index Funds of Lifecycle Funds (Do the work for you — passive income!

EX: Music on Spotify
EX: Stock Video Footage
EX: Templates for websites, PDFs, Keynotes, etc
EX: Movies on Netflix
EX: CEO who sells company

stop settling start living

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CB Passive Income Reviews

Thinking about whether CB Passive Income 4.0 is a trick? Have you been thinking about purchasing this course?

Provided that this is true, hold off your choice until the point that you’re finished perusing this survey.

Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income has been torn separated and reconstructed different circumstances since the first form.

The current year’s form, CB Passive Income 4.0 is worked for portable help and concentrates more via web-based networking media.

Today we’ll investigate the item and check whether its an intense framework or another get-rich-brisk trick.

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review: Basic Details:

Name: CB Passive Income 4.0

Sort: Lead-gen System + Marketing Training

Cost: $47/month or $97 one-time.

Maker: Patric Chan


What is Passive Income 4.0?

CB Passive Income 4.0 is an email promoting course with a bend.

Regularly, an email advertising effort will begin with a lead-catching framework, for example, a select in page with a free a giveaway.

At the point when the lead is included, the email crusade arrangement is activated, and the lead begins accepting limited time messages.

The issue is a great many people don’t care for being sold to, in any event not at to begin with, so Patric Chan’s item endeavors to make it less demanding to pitch to individuals.

Fundamentally, the last piece of the email crusade, sending limited time messages, is stopped.

So you don’t have to stress over irritating anybody with your messages.

Your activity is to send movement to various crush pages with different free giveaways.

When somebody you sent to the rundown purchases an item from the special messages, you’ll get a commission.

That is basically how CB Passive Income 4.0 framework functions.

To put it plainly, Patric Chan removes a portion of the work for you, however regardless he abandons you with one of the hardest errands of all.

We’ll discuss that undertaking in the following area.

Does CB Passive Income Really Make Email Marketing Easier?

There’s a disgrace joined to being a sales representative, particularly an email advertiser.

We get unreasonably numerous spam messages.

The vast majority would prefer not to add their spam to the heap.

So Patric Chan is for the general population who are hesitant to append their own names to email impacts.

In spite of the fact that that sounds like a great thought, particularly for new advertisers, its really an issue.


Truly, a great many people love purchasing from individuals they trust.

In any case, if there’s no trust… its considerably harder to make a deal.


To put it plainly, the attention ought to be on building trust.

Construct the put stock in to start with, at that point make the deal.

CB Passive Income skirts this point totally.

The framework assumes control one a player in the battle, yet the hardest part is still there.

What’s the Hardest Part?

Getting activity.

Most courses, as CB Passive Income, rapidly brush over the subject of activity, and proceed onward to every one of the business you can make.

Of course, if movement was anything but difficult to obtain, anybody could make a lot of money.

There is some showcasing preparing included yet its very fundamental and – genuinely – a great many people are doing likewise traps.

I accept on the off chance that you purchase activity (costly) at that point you can make a few deals.

Be that as it may, would you have the capacity to make back what you spent on activity?

Who knows.

A great many people don’t have money to spend on activity crusades so they choose the free promoting strategies; online networking, verbal, and so forth.

The issue is there are as of now a huge number of individuals advancing precisely the same via web-based networking media.

Learn to expect the unexpected.

No one ticks on those connections.

Getting activity is the hardest piece of an email battle.

Setting up the battle with messages is very simple – review a few messages – it takes a couple of minutes.

Need Help with Traffic? Need to figure out how to get free activity? Look no further… Is My Cash Table a Scam Photo


CB Passive Income 4.0 Training Material:

I liked a portion of the preparation material, particularly the current year’s refresh.

The current year’s refresh included a considerable measure of preparing material devoted to Facebook’s new rundown building highlights.

It shows you how to influence promotions and other to select in shapes that are coordinated into Facebook.

Truly, its an extremely flawless element, and I like how CB Passive Income shows individuals how to utilize it.

The main issue is the join prompts another person’s rundown, not yours.

Insight: Use Facebook’s rundown “Join” highlight to fabricate your own rundown. Its significantly more capable.

The preparation material comprises of recordings and PDF downloads and there are three rewards included too.

The promoting material is somewhat essential.

For instance, he prescribes an indistinguishable old advertising procedures from every other person:

  • Visitor Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Article Directories
  • Online networking
  • YouTube
  • And so on.

Try not to misunderstand me – these strategies (with the exception of article indexes) do work, however its not precisely new data.

CB Passive Income’s Idea is to abandon one undertaking to you; send movement to the select in pages.

So you’re given an extraordinary connection that can prompt one of a wide range of pick in pages and your activity is to advance that connection wherever conceivable.

That does sound intriguing yet I have one inquiry: for what reason would I need to manufacture another person’s rundown when I can assemble my own?

Frankly you can make significantly more on the off chance that you assemble your own particular rundown.

In case you’re as of now an individual from CB Passive Income, this is what I would do in your place:

Utilize the preparation and promoting data to assemble your own particular rundown.

What I Didn’t Like:

In spite of the fact that I do welcome the item is consistently refreshed, it lacks a considerable amount of material.

It feels like individuals are paying to advance another person’s rundown for the expectations of making some money.

Know what? Frosty messaging changes over at inconceivably low rates.

Regardless of whether you send a bundle of individuals to the rundown, the change rates will be so low I question you’ll make back what you spend.

Rather than sending such a significant number of prompts another person’s rundown, for what reason not construct your own?

It bodes well, and its less expensive as well.

We composed a post to help tenderfoots begins, click here to peruse more…

Conclusion with CB Passive Income:

I wouldn’t state CB Passive Income 4.0 is a trick yet its unquestionably not one of our prescribed items.

Its somewhat costly and doesn’t generally convey that much esteem.

What do I suggest?

We have a free email preparing arrangement you can look at. It offer similar advances that 1,000’s of online business visionaries are utilizing to break free from the 9-5.

Hit the catch underneath and get snared with the best web showcasing preparing apparatuses..


A debt of gratitude is in order for setting aside the opportunity to peruse this CB Passive Income 4.0 survey and I trust you thought that it was enlightening.

Leave a remark on the off chance that you have any inquiries!

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