Selling Facebook Ads – How To Make Passive Income Selling Facebook Ads To Local Businesses in 2017

Selling Facebook Ads – How To Make Passive Income Selling Facebook Ads To Local Businesses in 2017

0:25 Victoria Gibson has first-hand experience selling Facebook ads because when she was first starting out she, like so many others, needed a way to build an audience fast. She figured out that it’s the easiest to do that with Facebook Ads. She is now a Facebook Marketing Consultant and she’s paid thousands each month to get extraordinary results for her clients.

1:33 Facebook is a brilliant platform for local businesses because it’s higly accesible, localised and has highly targeted advertising opportinities for selling Facebook ads. Their ads are also low cost and you get a way of instant marketing.

3:07 The challenges of selling Facebook ads are getting likes, activity and engagements. Many businesses also waste money on Facebook ads because they don’t have the right skills to use them correctly. Another problem is a percieved lack of time.

4:32 The opportunity here is that you can become the problem solver with a toolbox of solutions by selling Facebook ads to local businesses. You can get them results quickly and cheaply which will make you look like an expert.

5:11 When targeting local businesses for selling Facebook ads you should focus on a specific industry where you have some previous experience or contacts. You should make sure that the industry you’re focusing on is suited to Facebook. The typical categories for selling Facebook ads to local businesses are restaurans, bars, professional services, dentists, …

7:29 You can find potential local businesses for selling Facebook ads by looking in the newspaper or the magazine, since if you find them there you instantly know that they have an advertising budget. You can also go to networking events and find your potential customers there. Another way of finding them is social media, for example you can check your followers on Twitter and likers on Facebook. When you find some potential customers for selling Facebook ads you should set up a list of leads to start connecting with.

10:05 Once you have your target audience for selling Facebook ads you should develop your own service packages where you decide how to position yourself. You need to have at least 3 packages positioned low but for others the sky is the limit.

12:28 Your price for selling local businesses Facebook ads depends on your experience level but a good rule of thumb is:

> Campaign Management $900/month
> Page Posting & Monitoring $1500
> Landing Pages $500
> Contests $1500
> All In One Marketing Service incl. Ads $3000/month

14:19 The key messages to tell local businesses when selling Facebook ads are that Facebook is much cheaper than traditional media. They don’t have to spend more but just reallocate their current spending. Tell them that they can get more customers fast and find out more about their current customers.

16:18 Some ideas for selling Facebook ads are:

> Basic Facebook & Twitter Management with Facebook Ads Package – $1500 – $3000 per month
> Training Package – train their marketing team – $1000/half day or $250/hour
> Workshops $250
> Video Memberships

17:39 To advertise yourself you should of course also use social meda. You have to practice what you preach and maintain an effective online presence. Your list building is very important so that you can regularly make offers for your services. Another way is to use Facebook Ads. An important tip is to always position yourself as an expert.

19:03 For selling facebook ads you also need to figure out your market positioning. Once you’ve decided on your specialisation you need to figure out where you’ll be positioned. That depends on your resources and past experience as well as the quality of your service. You can also compare yourself to existing alternatives and learn from them.

19:50 To manage your campaigns for selling Facebook ads effectively you should have Facebook Ads Management Software, a Post planner, a Basecamp and Editorial Calendars.

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