What is a PayPal Money Adder? Do PayPal Money Adders Really Work?


What is a PayPal Money Adder? Do PayPal Money Adders Really Work? http://www.tipsfromlori.com/what-is-a-paypal-money-adder-do-paypal-money-adders-work/
A PayPal Money Adder is a software application or tool that is used to add money to your PayPal account for free. They do not work.

Free PayPal Money names
PayPal Money Adder
PayPal Money Generator
PayPal Monkey Generator

Bitcoin, Payza and Skrill also have adder tools and they are scams too!

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Mutual Funds Investment with Groww App – I have earn 12.7% – Start Investment with Just Rs 100




Hi Friends,
Welcome to today’s video,
I am Lodhi Ji.

Download Groww App: https://groww.app.link/refe/dinesh1485295

First Part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG8R5QRaHfo

So friends today’s video is a next part of my previously shared opportunity video, in that I had shared all about the opportunity and also shared the income proofs. So now I am going to show next part of that Opportunity.

If you remember, Approx seven month ago, I have uploaded a video about Mutual Funds. In that I used GROWW App for my first Investment and I have made approx 5% return in just 1 Month and I also told you that, In general Mutual Funds gives you 12 to 15% return Annually. But it totally depends upon your choice of Mutual Funds and condition of Stock Market at the time of Investing.

Yes, Stock Market means the Share Market.

So If Groww App or Mutual Funds are new Terms for you then I request you to please watch this

First Part of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG8R5QRaHfo

Otherwise you will not be able to get what I am trying to explain in this video.
If you are already familiar with these terms then Let’s get started.

In simple terms, Mutual Fund makes money only from Stock Market. And we are so busy in our life that we don’t have time to analyse the stocks and select which stock to buy and when we have to Sell them. But the same job is taken care by Fund Managers in the case of Mutual Funds. For this job, they charge 1-2% of your investment as their commission.

As you already know government is educating people about Mutual Funds Investment via different different mode of Advertising. I also want to contribute in it, hence I am making this video.

By now you already know that Mutual Fund generate returns from Stock Market, so few of you are scared of Stock Market and about to close this video. But WAIT WAIT WAIT.

Being scared is natural, because till date we have thought that Stock Market is a Gamble and making distance from this is a good thing. And if you really want to save or Invest money then Bank FD are the good option. Because Bank FD appears to be the safest option.

But If you think that Bank FD are the safest option then I need to ask only one question because in the answer of that question, you can compare the risk of Bank FD, Mutual Funds and the Stock Market.

Now here is my question. “If the Bank goes Bankrupt then who will return your Bank FD Amount or how will you get your investment back ?”

If you get the answer then you will also get aware of the risk associated with Bank FD.

Lets come back to the point, as I said in the starting of video that I am going to share my next earning proof, so lets go to the GROWW App.

I made my first investment on 8 May 2019 and today is 28 January 2020, I have Invested 100000 in Mutual Funds and made 12.7% in just 8 months. And this is a consolidated return that means, I have invested 1 lakh in parts, on different dates due to that the return is just 12.7%. But It will be even more, if I invested it on a single day and held that amount till date. On an individual level “Axis Long Term Equity Direct Plan Growth Fund” gave me maximum return which is 14.4%.

As in first part I have told you that, you can easily earn 12-15% return from Mutual Funds. Now I have proven it with my 12.7% returns in just 8 months and still 4 months are remaining. So, if I invest my 1 lakh only in Axis Long Term Equity Direct Plan Growth Fund on first day, then this return will jump to 16-18%.

So Friends I have shown you my returns, now its time for your decision.


Note: To share Opportunity with you is my Job, but investing is totally your decision. I am not forcing you for the Investing in Mutual Funds.

If you think this is Knowledgeable, you can

Download Groww App: https://groww.app.link/refe/dinesh1485295

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