1950’s Womens Costume Accessories – 50s Chiffon Scarf,Cat Eye Glasses,Bandana Tie Headband,Drop Dot Earrings

Price: $8.95
(as of Apr 30,2021 22:58:46 UTC – Details)

Packet include:
2 x 50s cat eye glasses,
1 x 1950s sheer chiffon scarf ,
1 x 50’s tiffany headband,
1 x Drop Dot Earrings;

50’s sexy cat eye glasses:the frame is made of high quality plastic with metal hinges, it is very sturdy
1950s Womens Accessories Sheer chiffon scarf vintage style accessory best for women and children.
50s Style womens Tiffany vintage retro rockabilly headband .
Perfect for 1950’s themed party, 1950’s fashion outfit, 50s style wear,50s costume Party Favor, Costume Party Accessory, Halloween Party, Dress Up Glasses, etc. A fabulous costume accessory for holiday and dress up fun!

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