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From The Desk Of Reimund Lube
Date: December 10, 2008


Dear WordPress Blogger,

Did you believe that by just having a WordPress blog will give you profits?

While I agree that the basic installation of WordPress is easy and you don’t need to know anything of html, php css etc but you need extra special plugins to unleash the profit potential lurking in your WordPress blog waiting to be released.

And here is a bunch of such WordPress plugins. Free!


Introducing 250+ Top Free WordPress Plugins!

“This is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense set of 250+ solutions that makes your WordPress blog a super power with deadly effectiveness — ALL done for free!”

Here are some things that these plugins can do for you.

  • Make Your Blog Stand Out Heads & Shoulders Above Others: Throw your sickening old designs out of the window and radically transform the look and feel of your blog with the plugins mentioned here.
  • Turbo power your blog with special tools and skyrocket your profits: One glance through this guide will make it amply clear that your WordPress blogs has the potential to perform 100 times better than its present state now.
  • Re-Strategize your business plan: Again, by looking at some of these free plugins will fill your head with a surge of exciting new ideas! Ideas that can make your WordPress blog a truly cash emitting diode.
  • Monetize Your WordPress Blog Instantly: Convert your blog into cash-cowwith Adsense, clickbank product commission, Amazon Commission, Chitika commission, software store commissions, your own products, your other affiliate program etc on the fly!
  • Automate & De-Stress Yourself: Some of the plugins are especially useful to reducing your ‘hand-work’ to the bare minimum and makes managing your WordPress blogs a pleasure!

And here’s how the whole plugins are arranged for you.

  • All 250+ Plugins neatly arranged into categories for you to easily spot and pick the one that you want. For e.g.
    1. Admin Plugins
    2. Improving the Blog Layout
    3. Spam Control Plugins
    4. Search Engine Optimization Plugins
    5. Money Making Plugins
    6. Web 2.O Marketing Plugins
    7. Email and Other Marketing Tools
    8. Navigation, Search and Post
    9. Pictures, Video, Audio and Media
    10. Statistics and Tracking
  • Explanations given to each of the 250 Plugins so that you can identify what it is at  a glance.

So as you can see, without a doubt, this is the latest, the most comprehensive & authoritative collection of super-powerful WordPress plugins available on the entire Internet.  Every WordPress blogger including newbie, experienced, and veteran marketers will find this resource extremely profitable and useful.
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In this collection you’ll find 12 great themes: Power Black, Power Red, Power Blue, Power Green, Power White each with left and right column variants – PLUS: Power Ai, Power Neo 3 Column


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Reimund Lube


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