3 Simple Ways to Make Lots of Lineage 2 Adena

There is one major obstacle when it comes to improving your character’s chances for success in Lineage 2 – Adena! Making tons of the game’s main virtual currency is essential if you’re to stay equal with the top players and get victories against them in PvP, or manage to be effective during your farming, questing and grinding activities versus the AI monsters.

Here I’m giving you 3 ways to make decent amounts of Adena and all those methods require is to be persistent at applying them:

1. Farming Seal Stones

You can start doing this as soon as you turn level 20 and that’s why it’s one of the best methods for not only earning a good profit, but gathering materials and decent XP/SP along the way. It’s preferable to do this by employing a strong fighter class from the Human or Orc races as they have the Polearm capabilities you need to speed things up.

Alternatively you can use a Summoner if you want something that is cheap in terms of support. For best results, make alt characters and play them repeatedly through the earlier levels to farm Adena until they reach their C or B Grade level range.

2. Knight Epaulettes

Doing Fortress Sieges can really become a profitable activity over time. This is particularly true when you are in a good supportive clan that does Fortresses regularly and is fair in sharing the rewards. Your primary way of making Adena with this method is by selling the Knight Epaulettes you earn to other players as there are always people looking for those items.

Alternatively you can exchange them for items at the appropriate NPC and use up those rewards for your needs to avoid spending Adena to buy them.

3. Gathering Materials

This is a great way to make a profit if you manage to do your homework and make an educated guess on what is in higher demand on the market or what is depleting and going to be in demand soon enough. That way you can work to fill-in the gap on the market and make a sudden spike in your Adena accounts.

The best ways to make money with mats is to either roll a spoiling Dwarf and take advantage of the decent spots at the lower levels or do Manor seeding and sell the mats you get. You can combine both activities at lower levels where Manor is easier to take advantage of because the competition is negligible.

These are the 3 Adena making strategies which can improve your character’s life style and make it less frustrating along the way. Of course, it was impossible to explain those methods in detail and these 3 methods are also just some of the plethora of ways to make high amounts of Adena in Lineage 2.

Source by Hristo Itchov

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