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Date: February 20, 2008
Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

If you’ve ever wanted to discover how to start an internet marketing business in as little as a week, then read every single word of this message. Because this’ll be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Because I’m going to share how you can start a profitable online business without undergoing years of trial and error.

But before I do that, let me share with you:

The Three Common Myths of
Internet Marketing That Will NEVER
Get You The Results You Want!


Myth #1 – “I can discover how to make money online for FREE  by reading internet forums!

Did you realize how dangerous this thinking is? Listen: ANYONE can subscribe to an internet marketing or “make money online” forum. For the most part, these people have never made money in their lives!

Sure you’ll get some good profitable tidbits here and there. But at what expense?

Myth #2 – “I’ll join my brother’s multilevel marketing company and watch the cash roll into my bank account!”

Listen: multilevel marketing is a great business model and there are a LOT of people making decent money at it. But the cold hard truth is that you’re simply making someone else rich!

For every commission you make selling your “widget” you can guarantee the guy in your upline is making a LOT more!

Also, good luck trying to sell your piece of your network marketing pie. Most of the time you’re not selling a TRUE asset you can sell at a later date and strike it rich!

Myth #3 – I’ll just buy that “How I Made $3,343,343.45 While Sitting On The Toilet” Ebook my buddy recommended me!

Listen, if someone was able to make that much scratch in that small amount of time, then why would he be selling it to you for a$7? There’s NO thing as “get rich quick” and the people that DO peddle that garbage are in to to rip people off!

So How Can A Ordinary
Person Like Me Strike It Rich Online
Without Getting Financially Hosed?


The first thing you need to do is realize that the people who make the MOST money own their OWN businesses. They are building an asset for themselves they can sell at a certain point.

They aren’t depended on the strength of their down lines. Nor to they give into the latest-greatest “get rich quick scheme”

And forget about listening to “instant experts” on internet forums who haven’t made enough to pay the monthly bill.

They follow steadfast internet marketing principles that have worked time and time again. It makes sense why reinvent the wheel when there’s a system that works, right?

The only thing is that the internet marketing gurus keeping these secrets from you! They’re afraid you’re gong to steal their thunder and tip them off their pedestal.

Listen, that’s a bunch a hogwash! Why? Because the internet is the worlds largest marketing place. Scores of people are flocking online…waiting to give you their money!

That means there’s plenty of opportunity to make money selling your OWN products and creating your OWN asset that provides you with unlimited cash flow.

You just need the proven “cut and paste” blueprint!

You’ll get everything you need to start from ground zero when you start watching:



These videos were the product of years and years of trial and error from the top internet marketers. These are marketers who have failed time and time again but stayed the course.

The best part is that these training videos are extremely short and to the point. You won’t have to allocate hours to time to read an ebook or waste thousands of dollar going to another seminar.


Your Blueprint To
Internet Marketing Success
Is Right Here!


So let me tell you about what you’ll discover in these videos that’ll allow you to leapfrog YEARS of trial and error and put you in the driver’s seat for internet marketing success.


  •  How to choose a domain name that the search engines love—and will give you great brand recognition
  • Never registered a domain name before? This video will walk you through what to do step by step so you’ll be up and running in no time flat!
  • How to set up your first profit-pulling website so you can start raking in profits in no time flat!
  • The secret to tapping into the world’s prominent online marketplace for ultimate profit (Best part: you don’t need to set up a brick and mortar storefront!)
  • How to cultivate a crop of customers who are rarin’ to whip out their credit card and buy from YOU!
  • The secret to keyword research that 99% of marketing newbies don’t know about (this secrets alone can catapult your traffic to your site to the stratosphere!
  • The “ins and outs” to setting up your website for optimum search engine optimization!
  • …and MORE!

So, How Much Are
These 47 Cash Siphoning
Videos Worth To You?


Listen—you can browse internet forums and “make money online “ebooks until you’re blue in the face. But most of the stuff out there is either outdated or just plain wrong!

You can spend thousands of dollars for some internet marketing “guru’s” pitchfest seminar. Let’s face it

Or you can spend a small (insert price) for these 47 videos and start creating your internet marketing empire as soon as you get instant access to these videos!

That’s equivalent to buy one of these expensive lattes from Starbucks and buying a DVD…you know, stuff that doesn’t put more money into your bank account.

If it were you, I would buy these videos. I definitely wish I had access to this material when I was starting out. It would have saved me years of trial and error…that’s for sure!

So, What Direction
Will YOU Choose?

So you have two choices:

1)    Keep spinning your wheels with your online business and spend tons of money on “make money online “products and business opportunities that’ll leave you drip dead broke..


2)    Take action today and buy these 47 wealth building videos that’ll take anybody from total internet marketing newbie to online superstar

What will you do with the extra $40, $400, even $4000 you’ll earn every month when you take action on these videos? These videos have make a lot of former internet marketing “newbies” rich…and they can do the same for you!

Only $6.48 with MRR

So go ahead and buy my 47 training videos today…
right now, while it’s still on your mind!


Your partner for profits,
Reimund Lube

P.S. One more thing, it’s important: I am only allowing 200 to have access to these videos. Why? Because these videos are THAT potent that I don’t want a bunch of people competition with me! So order right now while this site is still up!!!


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