5 Reasons Why It’s So Smart to Be Equity-Rich Online

“Equity-Rich” is more than just a business model… It’s more than just a system or process. It’s an approach to doing and being a wildly successful woman in business online.

It’s like putting on a pair of “smart glasses” that increases your speed of success, from the impact you make to the revenue you generate.

When you make this shift and begin to look at your business from an equity-rich point of view it’s the difference between putting out a fire with a garden hose versus a fire hose. Now you’re getting somewhere right!

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer

Having an equity-rich approach to your online success is a smart way to do and be in business… Here’s why:

1. Equity: When you pro-actively and strategically create equity in your business you increase the value of it without any additional work. Your ability to create equity comes in many forms from the programs and products you develop to the systems and business model(s) you leverage.

A simple example is the continuity model of a membership-based business. Each new member that comes into the business builds equity (increases the value) in the company. When you are able to clearly identify equity within your business it becomes an “asset” that you can leverage/sell.

An equity-rich approach reaches beyond the traditional “solo-preneur” view and explores what if’s such as… What if there comes a time where you don’t want to (or can’t) continue the business? An equity-rich approach takes the solo out of solopreneur and ensures the life equity (time) you invest in the creation, development and evolution of your business becomes an asset that you and/or your family (estate) can leverage in the future. (i.e. a company that could be sold despite your involvement).

2. Leverage: Your ability to apply leverage within your business is what enables you to make more in less time, to do more with less effort. From time, money, expertise, relationships, energy, business model and more… there are a multitude of ways to leverage what you’ve got to get what you really want.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Why just do it when you can REALLY do it?

3. Asset Development: An equity-rich approach to business explores asset creation and how each asset adds value (equity) to the business as well as to your ideal clients. An example of an asset is an in-demand product or service. An “equity-rich” asset is one that can be leveraged to build equity from a long-term perspective.

4. ROI (Return on Investment): Starting and growing a thriving business online requires an investment of time, money, faith and more. An equity-rich approach looks at how you can get the best return on your investment – for the long term.

When you make decisions from this equity-rich vantage point it becomes easy to evaluate what’s smart and what’s not. Your ability to build equity, create and leverage assets for the greatest return on investment becomes a filter that makes evaluating opportunities easy-peasy!

Clarity = confidence and it is the heart beat of an equity-rich approach that supports the leaps and momentum success-driven women crave.

5. Legacy: Now here’s where SMART meets BIG THINKER… When an entrepreneur looks at their business in this way everyone wins. It’s the difference between a hobby business and a business owner/CEO.

As I mentioned above, an equity-rich approach to business looks beyond the solo in solopreneur and explores the question… what if you didn’t want to keep doing this business or what if something happened and you couldn’t. What measures are in place to ensure that your family can fully leverage your success?

From the creation of an online operations manual, multiple and passive revenue streams to the very foundation of your business model, you can build an equity-rich business that honors your legacy – adding value and increase to the lives of your ideal clients and the lives of your family – whether you’re actively engaged or not.

Source by Gina Bell

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