5 Things Every eBook Must Have Before it Will Sell Like Ice Cold Lemonade on a Hot Summer Day!

Quality Content vs. Quantity

This may sound like a no brainer… But the #1 thing every top selling eBook must have is content that people want and can use. If your eBook doesn’t deliver the goods it won’t take long before word gets around and you’ll end up with a dud on your hands.

Another big mistake that I see is that a lot of people get quality confused with quantity. I don’t know how many times I have purchased a huge 300-400 page manual only to find out that it was full of nothing but affiliate links and advertising. Even though this type of eBook may bring in some sales it’s a sure fire way to lose your customers in a heart beat.

Now… if you do have 300-400 pages of quality content… I would recommend you break down your project into 3-4 different books. This will give you the opportunity to build long term relationships with your customers. If you have done your job right the first time and have delivered quality content, then when you make your follow up offer they will gladly gobble it up. This leads us to my next point…

Use A Top Of The Line Follow Up System

You’ll be leaving tons of money on the table if you don’t have a system in place to follow up with you customers who don’t make a purchase on their first visit. Not only that, you’ll want a way to contact the ones who did make purchase when you release the follow up to your first best seller. I would recommend using a quality auto responder system. This is a great way to stay in contact with potential customers. You can provide them with short excerpts of your eBook or a short related e-course that lends to your credibility.

I would recommend using a paid for auto responder system as many of the free versions have technical problems or require that you advertise for them for free. They also don’t provide tracking features which allow you to see how many of your emails are being opened and the ability to track which headlines or promotions are getting the best response.

People Really Do Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Think about it… how many times have you driven right by a shabby looking restaurant and said to yourself… I am not eating in there, even if they do have the best food in town.

So, I can’t stress this enough… A top notch quality cover will out sell a sloppy homemade cover any day of the week. So don’t skimp when it comes to graphics. If you are not particularly gifted in this area, hire a graphic designer. There are several companies that specialize in just eBook covers available online today. You’d actually be better off not having a cover at all, than trying to use an ugly one to help sell your killer content.

A Stand Alone Web Site With Quality Hosting

Build a web site specific to your eBook. You will also want it to have its own specific domain name which these days can be purchased for about 20 bucks. It will not only give you eBook credibility but is relatively inexpensive. If you shop around you can find quality hosting for around 10 to 20 bucks a month depending on the features you want to include.

You’ll also want to pick a web host that guarantees at least a 99% up time. You don’t want your web hosts severs going down all the time. There is nothing worse than having done all the hard work on your eBook and web site only have your customers arrive to your site and see that is down for service. Trust me… I have tried this route and have only ended up losing both time and money.

Quick Tip Follow the same concept with your website graphics don’t try to use homemade looking graphics or site lay out. Use a simple clean looking template or have your cover designer make one for you. Most cover designers offer a package deal where you can purchase your template and cover all in one deal.

Use a Quality Payment Processor

You’ll want you use a high quality payment processor or all of your hard work will be for nothing. One of the most popular payment processors for digitally delivered products is ClickBank. ClickBank is known throughout the eBook community for its reliability and customer service and most importantly a built in affiliate program that allows other webmasters to sell your eBooks for a commission. This of course is one of the best ways to market and distribute your next best seller.

Source by Shawn Joseph

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