60 Days to $60,000: Building a Home Business with Practically Zero Startup Costs

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Making money from home has never been easier than it is today!
Perfect for stay-at-home parents or anyone looking for a second income without ever leaving the house…

With the power of the Internet and the tools I provide in this book, making money from the privacy of your own home has never been simpler and more attainable. This book will provide you with all the information you need to start making almost immediately. You may be searching for a part-time income but perhaps you really don’t want to start looking for a part-time job. Maybe you have kids at home that you would just hate to leave, but need some extra money for the holidays, vacation, or even just to make ends meet.

Perhaps you have no idea where to even begin as the web is flooded with work-at-home opportunities that promise pie-in-the-sky income with a get-rich-quick attitude designed to take your money. These are real opportunities that at first might seem too easy to be true, but I’ve personally made money doing everything in this book.

The best part about this book is you don’t even have to understand business or sort through mountains of paperwork (although we’ll tell you how you can do that too). There are opportunities as simple as setting up an account and just selecting a task to start getting get paid.

If you are more tech savy or even the least bit interested in the latest technology, this book has something to offer you as well. If you are into classic movies and books, you can profit from time tested material that you can sell…we’ll tell you how to get access to those as well.

You have nothing to lose by purchasing this book and finding at least one method of making money that you haven’t thought of before.

Here are some key things you’ll find in this book:

How to select a business (or several simultaneously)
Finding the perfect thing to sell to the public
How to set up your business, the RIGHT way
How to attract new customers with our SECRET method
Tapping into the outsource market – EASY MONEY
How to take ideas from your head and put them directly into your wallet

…and a whole lot more!

Also, this book has a BONUS chapter with HUNDREDS of opportunities to make money almost immediately, complete with links!

Don’t pass up this HUGE opportunity. You wouldn’t be reading this book description if you weren’t interested in bringing in some extra dollars into your household.

This book can provide you with what you need to start making money today!

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