70 Cool Home Business Ideas: For Women who Think Outside the Box (Wily Mompreneur Book 1)

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I know a woman who exports cars. I know a woman who speaks five languages. I know a woman who sells rare records. I know a woman who paints nursery murals.
I know a woman who gets paid to do research online.

"70 Cool Home Businesses Ideas for Women who Think Outside the Box" is an organized brainstorm. It’s a quick glimpse into the minds of 70 savvy women who managed to survive and thrive financially by taking their futures (and their talents) into their own hands.

Singers sing, writers write, farmers plant. What habits do you have and activities do you enjoy that you would do whether or not someone paid you to do them? Now, how would you go about monetizing them?

If you can answer that question, you can find your treasure.

70 Home Business Ideas is broken down into 4 sections:
* Businesses Any Woman Can Do
* Creative Businesses
* Skilled Trades & Certified Professionals
* Jobs You Can Do on a Computer

This book is ripe with stories of women who found a way to capitalize on their natural talents, creativity, and instincts. You could be next.

For each of the 70 case studies listed, this book includes:
* The interesting story behind each business
* An inventory of the soft skills and hard skills each woman used to monetize her home business idea
* An inventory of the actual supplies needed to pursue each home business idea
* An estimation of the approximate cost to start up your home business
* Helpful, effective, DOABLE suggestions to market each home business idea

This book does not include:

* Six dozen ideas for businesses you’ve seen a hundred women do and quit.
* Pie-in-the-sky encouragements that lead you to believe every woman is suited for every job.
* A list of companies that will pay you to field customer service calls.
* A list of businesses that only appeal to one type of woman.

70 Cool Home Business Ideas is a great resource for any woman who may be considering a home-based business, but who is tired of the regular been-there-done-that choices. This is a practical guide that’s easy to read and a cinch to apply.

If you can commit to a little perspiration, sometimes a little inspiration is all you need.

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