77 Simple Ways to Make Extra Cash This Month!

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We wrote this book for people like us, people who want or need extra income but don’t have thousands of dollars to invest. This book is for people who want to:

– pay off debt
– save for a dream vacation
– buy a new car
– grow their savings account
– own their own business
– control their earning potential

We have both been successful in our respective pursuits of fitness and stand-up comedy, but there were a lot of lean years where we struggled. To keep food on the table and creditors from calling, we did a lot of oddball stuff to keep money coming in. This book contains many of the things we did to keep our family afloat while we were pursuing our dreams. With the rapid advancements in technology recently, there are dozens of ways to make extra money today that didn’t even exist three years ago!

We’ve tried to make this list as valuable, helpful, and entertaining as possible. It includes 77 unique jobs and business ideas across 12 different categories. These categories span the working world from real-world manual labor that could take up your whole weekend, to virtual tasks you can do from your phone on your lunch break. Most of these opportunities require no up-front costs and can be done in your spare time.

Each listing includes the following helpful information:

– job / occupation title
– thorough description of the job
– links on where and how to get started on each idea
– and some even include links to equipment you can purchase to get started!

You’ll also get a list of the most popular and profitable direct-sales companies that you can get involved in.

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