Academia-Research: One of the Best Freelance Writing Sites

This post is an introduction to freelance writing. Do you love to write and make money from it? You can actually look for trusted freelance sites that will pay you for your writing skills.

You write quality essays or articles, they will pay you for that in a justifiable rate! This post is actually my first review at the first freelance site I joined way back 2007! Before I thought they were just joking, but writing online for customers is compensating!

If you want to start earning money through writing American Academic essays then you are ready to register as a writer at!

I have spent some of my precious time looking for legit freelance writing sites, but I have not tried them as much as I’ve tried the loyalty of Academia to their writers! If you joined there, you are given full support!

Okay, let me define to you in my own words, base on my writing experiences there!

What is Academia-Research?

It’s a trusted freelance writing sites for those who aspires to become a professional writer, earn from their skills and manage their own time for completing customer orders!

If you want to earn decent money, apply now to become one of the writers at Academia! Prove that you are worthy to accept customer orders because they keep up high quality outputs! So, only deserving writers will be luckily granted to write for Academia.

What is the test you going to take to become a writer?

They have an initial registration for you to complete… so prepare yourself! And do not forget to update your CV! It’s needed… after few or 3 days, they will email you for a test essay! You are given time frame to complete it…

The final decision is base on your written essay! It must be unique, of quality, original and precise! Remember, they are the one that will give you the topic! Always support your idea with trusted references and resources… it can be taken from printed materials or trusted web resources.

How much they will pay you?

It’s of different rate per page! Sometimes there is a 2-page essay for $4 each page. Last day I have completed an order for $7, and it’s a single page essay! If you will become a premium writer, you will receive more privileges; you don’t have to bid for orders as what general writers do before they can start writing any. Anyway, going premium is a long way to go. The secret is to write quality essays to satisfy your customers, and complete that on time! And always communicate your customers as well as the admin at the message board – you will soon know that!

Is it hard to work for Academia?

Yes, it is. Getting money as a professional writer is not easy. Both online and offline job are challenging, the only difference is you are free! Academia admin is not your boss – you are the boss of yourself, you set your working schedule, etc.

Anyway, you are not writing simple article here, you are far serious than that! You need to follow the standard format and referencing for academic essays, the American one! Familiarize and carefully study APA and MLA style of writing.

Can you quit your job if you are accepted at Academia?

It’s up to your level! Are you versatile and skillful enough to bid all available assignments and orders? Topics vary, from economics to science, to engineering, etc… There are many available orders throughout the day, but not all of them are of the same subject… I can only bid one or two, sometimes it’s refused by Academia because there is more capable writer to write it, or a premium write has picked the order for himself… either way, you will still be lucky to receive 1 or 2 orders, always start with small ones, e.g. 2 to 5 pages essays!

What is my satisfaction rate of Academia-Research?

Well, I am a returning writer there, I have applied before, and when my account was deactivated for inactivity, I have applied again last couple of months. Why? It’s because I can’t find other freelance writing sites like Academia, anyway I am still searching, but for the time being I would give them 9 out of 10!

They are almost perfect. The writers support is available for you 24/7! And they will pay you the amount your earned! No less.

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