AFWFilters IRONPRO2 Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter Fleck 5600SXT Digital metered Valve for Whole House (80,000 Grains, Blue), 80, 000

Price: $792.45
(as of Jun 29,2021 22:07:43 UTC – Details)

Choose the best for hard water and iron removal eliminates red staining from Iron eliminates scale from hard water removes manganese meter based regeneration Fleck 5600SXT digital control head 1″ Bypass valve structural USA tank* treats up to 18GPM special fine mesh resin made to last longer in the presence of iron and filter better! Control head – 5 year tank – 10 year 30-Day satisfaction DIY installation instructions free phone and/or email tech support eliminate the hard water that causes scale build up and iron that causes red staining with a single system! Eliminates scale buildup – hard water causes a white flaky build up (called scale) to form on appliances, faucets, and just about anything that it comes in regular contact with. By removing the hard water, This scale build up is stopped in it’s tracks, So you don’t have to worry about scrubbing it off any more. In addition, without the added wear and tear of scale buildup, your appliances and fixtures will last longer! Removes ferrous iron – this system is able to remove ferrous (clear water) Iron, and some ferric iron. Removes manganese – manganese is commonly seen as a black “slimy” Stain or build up. Meter based regeneration – this system uses a meter based regeneration process. This means that the water you use is measured and the system only regenerates when it needs to. If water needs increase the system regenerates more often to keep up. If less water is being used, the system regenerates less often to conserve water. Fleck 5600SXT digital control – The SXT controller is the newest controller from Fleck and is built on the tried and true 5600 valve. These valve have an outstanding .

Water softener, iron filter, all in one! High flow for whole house use!
Fine mesh resin designed for high iron removal & long life
Fleck 5600Sxt digital metered valve for efficiency and ease of use, 5 year !
Removes hardness up to 85 gpg, iron up to 6-8 ppm range, manganese up to 6 ppm, rust
Comes with round brine tank, bypass valve and installation instructions.

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