Amazon FBA: Step-by-step guide for beginners to build an e-commerce business and learn the best strategies to earn passive income by selling on Amazon

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If you want to start an online business on amazon to make money from your home, then keep reading.

The world of online business is vast and full of interesting opportunities. But it can also be complex and confusing for those who don’t know it well.

If you approach this world for the first time or have already tried to start an online business (with poor results), this is the book for you!

Amazon FBA is a business suitable for everyone, which will allow you to earn online and achieve financial freedom even if you are a beginner and you don’t have your own products to sell.

This book will guide you step by step, from the creation of the account on amazon to the final sale of the product.

You will learn:

– the benefits of selling on amazon compared to your own e-commerce
– how to create your own amazon seller central account
– how to select the right product to sell
– how to prepare your product for sale
– how to launch your product in the best way
– branding on amazon, advertising on amazon, seo strategies

…and much more!

Even if you’ve never sold anything online, you’ll quickly learn to do it profitably with “Amazon FBA”


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