Amazon FBA: The secret way for make money on line And Passive income

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Amazon FBA is the service that allows you to sell on Amazon’s various marketplaces without having to take on all the typical logistical aspects of those who have a physical or online store. (Storage, Shipping, Returns Management).


Wondering how to make money with Amazon fba? How to sell on amazon fba? How does it work and how to start this profitable online business? This is the manual to help you get started.


The book will allow you to understand, step by step, how to use this service, to start a long-lasting online business.

Through a simple but clear language, completely in Italian, you will come to know all those useful tools, which will allow you, right now, to sell your product on Amazon.


But what is the main advantage of using the Amazon FBA service?

The main advantage, which makes the Amazon FBA service one of the most profitable online businesses, is linked to the fact that you will only have to deal with finding a good product to sell, send it to Amazon’s warehouse, create a product page and wait for Amazon to do the transfer every two weeks of sales generated.


You can choose to sell a product in two ways: "Retail Arbitarge" or "Private Label". By using the first mode, you will sell a product that already exists in the Amazon store or a product that already has its own brand. In the second case instead (private label) you will sell one of your products, then something personalized with your logo or on which you have the exclusive rights.


The book is divided into FIVE Steps and covers most of the topics related to the Amazon FBA world:

– How to choose a profitable product

– How to order the product from the supplier

– Create an effective product page using SEO

– Product launch: the importance of reviews

– How to promote the product using Amazon’s PPC

So now SCROLL DOWN UP THIS PAGE AND CLICK ON THE ORANGE BUTTON! Buy the printed version of this book and get the ebook for FREE on your smartphone. (For the purchase it is not necessary to have a kindle, reading is also possible from Amazon cloud on the product page)

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