Augmenting Your Family Income

Trying to augment your monthly income becomes a necessity as the cost of living spirals. For mothers who wish to be at home with their kids it becomes increasingly difficult to bring in an extra income. There are ways and means of bringing in extra money if you are satisfied with earning small amounts from various sources. There are many ways of earning extra cash online. This method of earning a living is very common and people no longer need to fear not being paid after they have completed a job.

1) Companies pay people to read their emails. The amount is very small per email, but considering how little time it actually takes to read an email the cents will quickly add up. Every dollar you make is a dollar you would not have had.

2) In conjunction with this, do surveys for companies. Many of them pay in cash or with vouchers and freebies. Concentrate on the cash ones, and see how many companies you can add to your list. It is not difficult to participate in surveys – just think of it as being paid for giving your opinion.

3) You might enjoy blogging, which can become lucrative if you find yourself working for someone who has a regular influx of work. It is great fun researching and then writing articles about various subjects. You could even get assignments to write e-books – very interesting if you enjoy writing. It could become quite lucrative to become a professional writer online.

4) Now that doing business online has become as common as going to the office everyday, try your hand at being a virtual assistant. You might wonder how you become one – it is much the same as being a personal assistant to someone in your office situation, the only difference being that you are the “unseen” assistant.

5) Many business people prefer to pay for jobs as they get done, rather than have someone permanently on their payroll. The tasks you will be given by various clients could be very varied and this would make your day far more interesting.

6) The fact is that whatever you have to do, whether it is typing a report for someone or arranging a function you are still at home with your kids and being paid for what you do. By doing a good job for a client will result in your services being used more often and could also result in referrals.

7) To start out as a virtual assistance you will have to set up a website on which to advertise your services. Give your qualifications, capabilities and a price list for anything you are prepared to do. It might take a little time to get your business going very well, but by doing a good job you will soon be getting referrals that could result in you getting a couple of very good clients.

Remember that all the small amounts of money will add up at the end of the month.

It might sound tedious to do these jobs, but think of it this way, I would rather be spending a few hours doing something boring and knowing that I am there for my kids than to have to leave them in daycare and be working for a boss all day.

Source by Mabel Van Niekerk

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