Betrayal Exposed (Unlocked Book 2)

Price: $3.99
(as of Apr 08,2021 13:40:51 UTC – Details)

Secrets kept, betrayal exposed…
With five demons to look after and a murder to solve, Daria’s life just got a whole lot more complicated. After defeating chaopados, Daria tries to settle into life with Misery, Truth, Betrayal, Hope and Death. Not so easy when there’s one bathroom between five men and a woman.
Life seems to have other plans than working out a bathroom schedule, when she and Betrayal are kidnapped and held hostage by someone least expected, Daria has to make a choice. Lock the demons back up, or else work with Betrayal to get themselves out of the mess they’ve been unwillingly forced into… before someone gets hurt.
As the others frantically search for their friends, secrets will be brought into the light, mysteries will be unlocked, and suspicions will arise. When the ultimate betrayal is discovered, Daria must decide if it’s all worth it.
Can trust be earned?

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