Better Bitcoining: Avoid Getting Scammed. Get it Right The First Time.

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Most people are totally confused when they hear the word cryptocurrency or Bitcoin.  For you to understand a concept you have to understand the way the information about the concept is being relayed to you.  You need the terminology to be broken down in an easy to understand format.  

In Better Bitcoining, S. Roze shows you how easy it is to grasp the ideas and concepts surrounding cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.  She uses her personal experiences with cryptocurrency to easily demonstrate and explain terms and examples.  S. Roze provides clear cut, core information about cryptocurrency and bitcoin so that all the confusion becomes a thing of the past.  

In Better Bitcoining you will learn: 

  •  Core concepts surrounding cryptocurrency so you can speak intelligently about the topic 
  • How to spot cryptocurrency and bitcoin scams so you don’t lose your money 
  • The reasons why you need to have cryptocurrency not just bitcoin 
  • Simple and safe ways to acquire crypto without getting scammed. 
  • How to set up and protect your digital wallet 
  • Core information needed to mine cryptocurrency from home and in a cloud. 


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