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If you are interested in making extra money with little work then start a vending business! I did and I get a few thousand dollars a month with only 2 days of work! Sadly I am selling the business soon since I am moving. I hope this short movie gave you a glimpse into what it would be like to have your own small business!

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How To Create Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn

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Learn in this podcast interview how Pat Flynn creates multiple passive income inside his business and it’s all been organic growth and from his real life experiences.

In this interview, we talked about:

-How Pat started his career online by blogging his own reviews for the LEED exam
-How to go about growing readership and subscribers by creating an e-book
-What makes a product successful
-When did Pat started to outsource his tasks
-How outsourcing helped grow his passive income business
-Interesting tips about building a smart passive business online by having the passion for it
-Pat’s great interest in developing iPhone apps
-And much, much more!

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