Blogging for Profit 2019: A Complete Beginner’s Guide: Internet Marketing, Book 1

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Why nearly 90 percent of bloggers only make pocket money from their work…and how to be part of the top 10 percent that makes the big bucks.

Just a few years ago, I was fired from a law firm I used to work for, was heavily in debt, and was looking for ways to make some side income online. That’s around the time I started blogging. Because I really had no other choice, I pushed myself into learning every possible way I could turn my new fitness blog into a money-making machine.

So I did what you’re probably doing: going through the YouTube videos, reading all the articles, buying all the courses, etc.

To my dismay, I encountered the three challenges that stop most bloggers from making any significant income online:

  • Information overload: The piles of information on the topic and the “analysis-paralysis” that I got as a result prevented me from getting anything done.
  • I followed outdated info: The internet evolves rapidly, and what worked in 2018 may not necessarily work in 2019.
  • I lacked a road map with a destination: Not knowing what you want and lacking a step-by-step procedure to get there is the perfect recipe for not getting any results at all.

Through hard work and dedication, I was able to get past these hurdles and eventually made my first five-figure month a bit more than a year later. Today, I am a multiple-six-figure earner.

Because I understand what you’re going through, I’ve created Blogging for Profit 2019. In this audiobook, I have structured an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan based on up-to-date information that will make you start your journey toward profit on the right foot.

What are you waiting for? Click the “Buy Now” button and get your copy of Blogging for Profit 2019!

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