Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories – 30 Count (600mg) + 7 Applicators – Helps Fight Against BV, Yeast Infections, Odor – Promote pH Balance for Women Vaginal Health

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Restore Your Natural Balance—Fast

Yeast Infections getting you down? Embarrassing downstairs odor getting in the way of intimacy? Give your most intimate areas what they need and get your life back with the Intimate Rose Boric Balance – a gentle Boric Acid BV treatment for women. This natural BV treatment contains 600 mg of medical-grade Boric Acid that works to quickly restore freshness and help your body ward off yeast infections and BV.

Things just not right “down there”?

Boric acid suppositories have been scientifically proven to improve overall intimate area health. Boric Acid for BV is a chronic yeast infection treatment that improves to prevent odor and discharge.

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Use In The Comfort Of Your Home

Experience relief in as little as 24 hours with Intimate Rose Boric Balance!

Depending on the severity that can mean relief from itching, odor and discomfort in as little as 1 day! Every kit includes 30 suppositories and 7 plastic applicators for convenient application. Unlike with gels or creams, Boric Balance doesn’t hurt or burn and keeps underwear clean and dry. The all-natural supplement can even be used during and after your period or with an IUD.

How To Use

Simple use the plastic applicator to insert the Boric Balance suppository pelvically (DO NOT SWALLOW). For best results, insert the quick-dissolve vegan capsule prior bedtime and allowed to work overnight. Using Boric Balance is simple, safe and very similar to using a tampon applicator.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW. Do not use other cleansers or have sex while using yeast infection suppositories

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Your body is a temple and while you might not think about it until it’s too late, maintaining the right balance means everything to your most delicate areas. Boric Acid has powerful properties that easily treat bv, fight yeast infections and reduce the pathogens that can cause feminine health conditions.

Don’t let discomfort and yeast infections get in the way of your love life! Our Boric Acid treatment is formulated to eliminate odors and discomfort in as little as 24 hours to leave you feeling so fresh and clean. So give your body the love it needs with an all-natural Boric Acid treatment to improve overall feminine health and reduce discomfort.

Don’t suffer through unpleasant odors discomfort! Working to regulate natural feminine freshness to help reduce unpleasant odors, nasty discharge or uncomfortable itching. Boric Balance is backed by science to assist in preventing yeast infections and odors.

Intimate Rose strives to create the highest quality products and supplements for women. Made from a quick-dissolve veggie capsule and medical-grade boric acid, this vegan-friendly supplement contains NO fillers, additives or irritants. Boric Balance was made in the USA at an FDA-registered facility to assure the strictest quality control.

Fast Acting: Boric Acid suppositories prevent odor and discharge from BV and changes vaginal pH; reduce vaginal itching in as little as 24 hours; feel fresh, clean, and confident.
Backed By Science: Many alternative feminine hygiene products are ineffective, but Intimate Rose Boric Acid is proven to quickly restore that fresh feeling.
Purity Guaranteed: Our pharmaceutical-grade Boric Acid is a natural solution for yeast and other issues, made in a facility right here in the USA to ensure a safe and non-toxic formula for BV.
Use In Comfort: Insert using applicator, does not hurt or burn, gentle solution to restore vaginal health; stay clean and dry (unlike with gel or cream). pH balance for women is critical for your health.

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