Boutique Business: A Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs Who Can’t Find Answers on Google

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Your dream of opening a boutique is about to become a reality! And if it’s already your reality, it’s about to become better!

Do you dream of opening a boutique of your own, but you continue to run into roadblocks? Have you obtained your business license, but can’t seem to find merchandise to sell in your boutique? Are you looking for new trends and fresh styles to sell in your boutique? Can’t find any wholesale clothing vendors? Have you been searching Google for the answers to your questions and finding nothing? Well, look no more!

I’m Jance Chartae and I am here to answer all of your boutique questions and concerns. After nearly 12 years of working in retail I have acquired a multitude of skills that I aspire to share with budding entrepreneurs like yourself; specifically those who aspire to one day own a boutique of their own. It seems that there is a lack of information out there for new boutique owners. It may appear that resources are lacking. Well, I am here to assure you that the answers to your questions are out there! The resources do exist! This is your resource; the answer to some of your questions.

The idea of this book started one day while searching for answers of my own. I came across a YouTube channel where a woman stated that she found it to be "rude" for people to ask for her resources. She essentially had the capability to help others, but she was completely unwilling. It is because of situations like this that many people fail to move ahead with their entrepreneurial dreams. We lack enough people in this world who are willing to share their knowledge! From that moment on I aspired to share every bit of information that I acquired.

So, I created this book, the first of what will be many, to provide future and current boutique owners with answers to various questions. Some of the topics that will be addressed in this book are:

– Creating a Vision for Your Boutique

– Where to Buy Merchandise for Your Boutique

– How to Select Merchandise for Your Boutique

– Attending Fashion Trade Shows

– Buying Wholesale Clothing Online

– Visiting the Fashion District

While this book most certainly isn’t a comprehensive description of all it will take to own and operate a successful boutique, it is most certainly a great resource for those who need a little more clarity. This book will give you insight into the world of running a boutique, as well buying merchandise for a boutique.My only goal is to be as genuine and as transparent as possible in order to help others become successful boutique owners and hopefully help you to save some time, frustration and money along the way.

No matter what stage of your career that you’re at, whether current boutique owner or future boutique owner, there is something in this book for you!

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