Build Your Online Business From Scratch: The Master Solution To Business Owner To Shift Their Marketplace To The Internet

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Fresh graduates and traditional marketers alike are learning that the marketing industry is blending technologies at a never-before-seen rate in the fast-paced field of marketing.
Building websites, installing analytics, running pay-per-click promotions, participating in Twitter talks, understanding SEO tactics, and seeing the underbelly are no longer enough in today’s tech-driven industry.

Part 1 will teach you the hard skills required for a marketing career, such as:

paying ads organic search (SEO) (PPC)

Reporting and analytics for social media campaigns, as well as branding and copywriting

marketing via email

In Part 2, you’ll learn about the soft skills that are crucial in the corporate world, such as:

composing emails, invoicing, and selling
obtaining an entry-level job

serving as a freelance marketer and launching your own business firm

when to work at home

In-depth vignettes and interviews with respected communicators are also featured, including informative alternative perspectives on what makes a good marketer.

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