Camaj Fiber Art’s Scouring and Fiber Prep Guide The Art of Washing Wool, Mohair & Alpaca Scour Wool Like a Boss: Where Art and Science Meet for Excellent Outcomes

Price: $33.60
(as of Apr 08,2021 08:33:40 UTC – Details)

NEWLY EDITED AND POLISHED FOR 2021. Thank you to everyone for your honest feedback. Are you new to scouring wool, Mohair or Alpaca or are you having issues with poor results? Is your prep just not up to par? Look no further! I am here to the rescue. My extensive research and sampling have proved some pretty amazing results. I go into detail regarding soap choices, water temps and more to make you look like a scouring boss. Wool is expensive and the sheep, goat or alpaca grew it all year just for you. Show it respect and make it shine! Included in the book are multiple links to videos showing you my process. Start off on the right foot and learn from past wool masters. Scour wool like a boss!

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