Can I Really Make Money Online?: 10 Totally Legal But Morally Questionable Ways I Earned Cash As A Digital Nomad

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In these turbulent times, it’s common for those of us who are down on our luck and out of work to look for ways to make money online. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and work for themselves, living that laptop lifestyle that influencers and an elite few tell us is possible for everyone. It’s become even more appealing since the pandemic hit and thousands of jobs simply don’t exist any more. But what’s the truth about these "get rich quick" schemes?

I’m Amie-Jade Moore, an ordinary wife and mother who was working in the legal profession before becoming a cheesy "mompreneur" thanks to a run of strange luck. This is my story. Over the last five years, I tried every money making, work from home, online job I could find in pursuit of that freedom lifestyle and started countless business ventures. In this book, I document my memories about the most interesting ones and the ones that were truly profitable. This is what really happened when I signed up for a lot of things that most people would consider bad ideas with, at times, hilarious consequences. With no scruples and a fierce determination to stop being a slave to the wage (because I had no other option!), I’ve found myself in some crazy situations that I want to share with the world. 

This book includes my memories about:

★ That time I was a professional gambler

★ That time I tried to sell my trashed shoes and pictures of my feet to fetishists

★ That time I was a spy working in casinos

★ That time I tried selling my dirty underwear to strangers

★ That time I got kicked out of a pyramid scheme

★ That time I made Fifty Shades of Grey look family-friendly

★ That time I convinced the world I was an "influencer"

★ That time I tried losing weight for cash

★ That time I sold books full of blank pages

What started as a coaching book became a memoir, simply because I realised that most of the things I did were morally questionable, even if they were totally legal. I’ve changed names, including my own, to protect the guilty.

So before you sign up for a really bad idea, check out my story and skip the disappointments so you can head straight to the really profitable business ideas!

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