How to Make Losers Winners?

A lot of traders when they lose a trade, they just frget about it. In this presentation, I will show you, what to do with them.
When you exit a trade with a stop loss, take this stock and add it to a protfolio. If after few days the stock, the stock continue to go down
that means your stop loss is correct and you are right to exit the trade. Now what if happens the opposite. What if the stock goes then, then after few
days goes up to your buy price. Here you are wrong. Now you should just buy a seocnd time.
With this simple technique, you can make a lot of your losers into winners.
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International Traders Discussion – Live Stream 52

Hello guys. Hope you are doing well. Today Saturday at 9 pm Eastern Time, I will do my Youtube Live Session.
So try to attend to ask your questions. There are many challenges that face international traders like finding good stock screeners
or good brokers or anything that make their trading easier.
Please attend the session and ask all your questions.
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