Chinese Joss Paper Money Hell Bank Note $10,000,000,000,000,000 Ancestor Money for Funeral,Tomb-Sweeping Day, Strengthen Connection with Your Ancestors, Bring Good Luck Wealth and Health (400PCS)

Price: $10.87
(as of May 29,2021 09:49:27 UTC – Details)

SIZE:15CM x 7CM/5.9 x 2.8 inches
【USE TO】The notes are used to burn for the ‘Hell Gods,’ offering them monetary distraction so they will leave mortals at peace. They are also commonly burned as offerings for ancestors and requests for blessings of prosperity and good fortune requests for blessings of prosperity and good fortune
【MAGIC】All Ancestor Money is personally blessed and has extra energy! Also, stored in altar space for even more power! We have literally shipped these dollars around the world.
【APPLICABLE SCENE】Through burning, with the help of the faint fire, recalling the past with your ancestors, you can sense that the ancestors will depend on you and depend on each other until your heart is comforted.
【OTHER USES】It’s a tool that allows us to take care of ancestors, in return, they take care of us. It is natural for people to look out for others that have their best interest. Bring you good luck.

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