Copywriting Mastery: The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Power of Words for Profit. Learn the Secrets to Sell Anything to Anyone. (Influencer and … Strategies. Make Money from Home 2020.)

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Do you want to learn how to master copywriting? If yes, then keep reading…

In this day and age of cutthroat competition, selling products and services has turned into a herculean task. There are just so many companies out there, which mass produce the same kind of products and services, with most small-time companies finding it hard to survive.

There are hundreds of established companies along with new ones cropping up like mushrooms in every nook and corner. Add to it the boom in online companies, who have broken the barrier of tradition and sell products and services through websites and webpages.

With so much chaos, it can seem like a very daunting task to advertise your product and get the message to the masses. People, these days, have turned very smart and trying to fool them or taking their negligence for granted can be a big mistake. The average Joe is now technology savvy and can easily know if someone is fooling him, just by hitting a few buttons on the keyboard.

So, what is it that these companies can do to sell their products and not break their head over not being able to connect with the audience? Well, the answer lies in copywriting. Copywriting refers to creating ads for products and services, to effectively sell it to people. These people need not even be potential customers, but the company strives to grab their attention and get their products off of their shelves.

Copywriting is said to have started in 1886 and has consistently evolved ever since. Back in the day, there was no such stiff competition, and nobody would try to outdo another. Everybody had a certain space of their own and tried to make the best of theirs.

But in today’s age of the internet boom, that is not seen as being a possibility. The practice of copywriting is ever evolving and one that is not showing any signs of slowing down.

There was a time when it was considered to be just an art, as it involved convincing people to buy a product by artfully presenting it, and now, it is also being considered a science.

That is mainly owing to its capacity to influence a person tremendously and even getting disinterested people to buy products that they have no use for.

This book covers the following topics:

  • What is exactly copywriting?
  • Believing in your company’s products
  • Create your product description
  • Understand your customers
  • Persuasion techniques – liking, consistency, social proof and more.
  • Principle of copywriting
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines
  • Crafting amazing openings
  • Write a killer call to action
  • Psychologically advanced copywriting tricks
  • Copywriting for email marketing and direct marketing
  • Opportunities in copywriting profession
  • What are the keys to success in copywriting?

…And much more

This book will explore the dynamics of copywriting and also give you a glimpse into the world of a copywriter.

It will also explain the main purpose of copywriting and give away some secrets that some of the most successful copywriters in the world employ to sell their products.

Let’s get started.

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