cPanel In-Depth Video Series (with PLR Option)

cPanel In-Depth

This is the best Domain Management training series out there for the money, VITAL to control your web
pages so that you can do and sell anything you want online with ease. Cpanel comes with almost all hosted sites when you get web hosting… but DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT?


1. Getting started: Overview of Video Series
2. How to use the Video Tutorials feature
3. How to create mySQL database & insert table in mysql database
into another domain using PHPMyAdmin
4. How to use Awstats and apply it to your business
5. What is Fantastico and how to use it
6. How to set up error page and a redirect
7. How to Disable your indexes with your Index Syste
8. What is Cronjob and when to use it
9. How to use File Manager effectively
10. Email Authentication
11. How to Backup your websites and how to restore them.

…plus 3 more bonus videos!!!

All Details – CLICK HERE

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