Craigslist Top Selling Secrets: How to create your income stream working from home in your spare time

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Craigslist Top Selling Secrets

How to create your income stream working from home in your spare time

This book provides everything you need to be a huge success selling on Craigslist.  If you’re looking to rid yourself of all your unused stuff, free up some space and make money at the same time then you’re in the right place.  You can create a substantial income stream to help fund your dreams, desires and passions.

You may already have experience with Craigslist but you can take your selling to a whole new level using the tips, tricks, techniques and strategies provided in this comprehensive book.  It is jam packed with everything you need!

  • Take advantage of FREE membership benefits
  • Discover HOT product categories that sell consistently well (and those that don’t)
  • Tap into an endless supply of product ideas and resources
  • Create killer product photos, titles and descriptions that make customers buy
  • Discover ad layout tricks to get more eyes on your product
  • Tips and strategies that propel you far above your competitors
  • How to avoid the latest scams to keep you safe
  • Interaction, negotiating and haggling tactics to maximize your impact and win sales
  • Methods for easy ad management and maintenance
  • See firsthand with product example and “take action” step-by-step guidance
  • Much, much more

What readers are saying 

“Brilliant! Jeffrey has done it again! I read his last book on online commerce which prompted me to get this one. Absolutely brilliant – and written in such simple to understand language. Until now, I haven’t sold much on Craigslist. I’ve always been skittish as there are so many scammers on it. Mr. Dennis’ book taught me how to spot the scammers quickly and avoid wasting time with them. Craigslist can be a powerful buying and selling tool if you know how to get the most out of it. I still have a lot to learn, but this book has taught me how to maximize Craigslist experience and how to avoid the pitfalls. Plus it’s written in a style that you don’t need to be a techie to understand. Great job!” – (5 Star) Danny

“I found this book through an online forum that I belong to. The author clearly has experience doing what he says in his book. The book is excellently written, very organized, and thorough from start to finish. The author’s very personal style and approach to selling really shines through.  All of those personal tips and tricks make the book a worthwhile read. I read it easily from cover to cover in just a little time. Now time to take action! I’ve already listed an old washer dryer set and Jeff’s tips on listing definitely helped make it look more appealing.  I don’t normally write reviews, but the author has an excellent title, appealing cover, and the content is top notch. Well done. This is everything a Kindle book should be, clear, well formatted, well written, and a personal style.” – (5 Star) Josh

Want to learn more?
If you’re ready to de-clutter and clean house while earning a nice income stream, Craigslist Top Selling Secrets will show you how. You could be earning money right now so don’t waste another moment! Just scroll to the top of the page and hit the Buy Now button and I’ll see you on the inside.

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