Creating Passive Income with ATM Machines

I discuss creating various passive income streams that bring in regular income with very little effort once they are set up. This is just an excerpt from a much longer and detailed video I am putting together discussing the specifics of various passive income machines that I have set up. I put particular emphasis on the potentially lucrative business of ATM vending.

Other than bookkeeping and occasional upkeep the ONLY work involved once this is set up is going to your bank and withdrawing YOUR money (in 20’s usually) then refilling your machines as the cash gets low. Refilling the machines takes all of two minutes …literally; so you’re in and out of each location in just moments. And obviously the more money you keep in the machines the less frequently you’ll have to refill them.

Remember, the ‘transaction fee is YOUR profit. You do NOT NEED very many transactions to make this a great investment.

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