DAY TRADING FOR BEGINNERS: The Crash Course For Beginners. A Guide In Making Money In Stocks And Trading Day Stocks For A Living With a Strategy For Passive Income

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Are you looking for a complete guide on day trading? Then keep reading…

With such easy access to online trading tools, why is it that only a few people are succeeding at day trading?

I mean, what investor hasn’t thought about turning their self into a day trader where they can work from their laptop at home, be their own boss, and watch as the money rolls in?

While there are a lot of people who aspire to this, only a few will actually succeed.

This book will actually help you learn and understand everything about day trading, that will also help you check if this is career path is for you.

Welcome to the world of daily trading! If you have this book in your hands, it means you are thinking of becoming a professional day trader and earn your living by it. 

This book will help you learn A to Z of intraday trading. From the very basics to the complicated strategies and trading psychology, this book will explain everything in plain and simple language. It will act as a trading guide for beginners. With this book, you can learn important aspects of the day trading in a step-by-step manner and prepare yourself to be a day trader.   

This Book Covers:

  • Ten Steps to Get Started

  • How Day Trading Works

  • Day Trading Basics
  • Risk and Account Management
  • Trading Psychology
  • Finding Stocks for Trade
  • Platforms in Day Trading
  • Tools in Day Trading
  • How Candlesticks Work
  • First Hour Trading
  • Day Trading Strategies
  • Building a Watchlist
  • Tips and Tricks for Results
  • Controlling Emotions After a Loss

And so much more!!!

Please remember, you will not become a successful trader by just reading this book. You will have to practice the rope tricks this book shows you about day trading. 

When it comes to trading, our reaction to the market is more important than what happens in the markets. This is true for any venture, be it business or sports. The playing conditions are the same for everyone. Then how is it that one sportsperson achieves amazing success while many others fail to do so?

It happens because of that sports person’s response to playing conditions were more in sync than other sportspersons.

Similarly, financial markets are the same for everyone, but only one Warren Buffett achieves tremendous success, where many others have lost their fortunes.

This emphasizes that you can learn as much as you want. But ultimately, it will be your actions that determine the ratio of your success in day trading. 

If you are standing before a mirror, and you want the person in the mirror to raise its arms, what would you do? Would you force the person in the mirror to raise its arms? No.

If you raise your arms, the person in the mirror will do the same! Your success in day trading will be a similar exercise, whether you are trading in forex, commodities, stocks, or options. Markets will open, trade, and close. But how you react to those market conditions, will define how successful you are in day trading.

So, start reading, and start applying what you have learned now.

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