Deck Time with Jesus: Navigating Life’s Storms From a Place of Peace and Rest

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Have you ever asked, "God, why is this happening to me?"

What if God answered your question with the reasons and purpose behind your adversity?

Storms eventually come to every person; no one is immune to tragedy, heartbreak, grief, or seemingly insurmountable adversity. Terminal illness, tragic accidents, unexpected job loss, personal betrayal, divorce, financial ruin, premature death—all are part of this wonderful thing called life.

Deck Time with Jesus encourages readers to sail with the necessary faith to approach every crisis as Jesus did—from a place of peace and rest on the boat’s deck while riding out the storm.

Stevens identifies five primary categories of life storms and the purposes behind them. By reviewing how several Biblical characters faced adversity, as well as relatable current-day testimonies, readers are better equipped to navigate their own stormy seas.

As you experience the swaying deck of your terrifying storm, grab your deck pillow, snuggle up so close to Jesus you hear and feel His heartbeat, and rest.

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