Demon Lords (World-Tree Trilogy Book 2)

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(as of Jun 09,2021 17:46:41 UTC – Details)

It’s been years since anyone has seen Noble Vincent, the player that brought down World-Tree Online’s tyrannical moderator. Even with a lifetime of perceived experiences in the game, he still has centuries to go before the update finally ends and the people trapped in the game are freed. After taking a long vacation and traveling to many worlds, he realizes its time to get his team back together so they can try to reach the top of the World-Tree.

However, Vincent’s goal will eventually lead him to Styxis, a world consumed by a never-ending war. His path will bring him at odds with Noah, a former member of the Great Vanguard. Noah’s team climbed higher than any other before the angels crushed them, but like Vincent, he’s a man that obsessively chases his goals no matter the challenge.

Noah’s choices will lead him and many others down a path that will push the strongest players of the game to their limits. When Vincent gets caught in Styxis’s never-ending war, he too will have to decide how far he’s willing to go just to win.

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