Descent Out Of Dignity: A tale of humiliation, submission, and unexpected consequences.

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His life was good.

Tall, smart, strong, respected, he had a successful business and a solid life. Even a little bit of glamour.

But he craved something else entirely. To let somebody else be in control for a while. To let them make the decisions, figure out the risks. At least for a few days.

Then he and a good friend and play partner heard about a “bondage town” far out in the mountains. Some kind of 24/7 theme park where they could take on any roles with each other they chose. He’d be her slave. Carry her bags, do her bidding, submit to her discipline, even pull her carriage. And for a few days he’d be free of responsibility and she’d get to be the capricious and demanding southern belle she’d always been deep inside.

But they had no idea.
Not of just how big or independent of the outside world this “little town” really was.
Not of just how far they’d go once the usual rules of society no longer applied.

And especially not of just how far his submissive fantasy could end up his permanent reality as a series of mishaps and calculated choices by those around him reduced this proud, capable man to first a led and collared submissive, then a naked, gagged carriage horse, sleeping his nights in a stall, then, without her there to rule him, spending his days as a nearly anonymous horse for hire.

And certainly not of just how much more his dignity would be stripped from him in an even further descent into humiliation and submission in the hands of an implacably firm couple who’d made their fortune training animals into complete obedience. And who would now make him their showpiece and obedient possession.

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