Digital Marketing Made Easy: A-Z Growth Strategies and Key Concepts of Digital Marketing

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In Digital Marketing Made Easy, Kevin and Wilson, former Intuit, Google, and Salesforce employees, teach founders and marketers how to grow and maintain company success by pairing growth strategies with modern technology.After profitably spending more than $30 million and generating over $120 million in revenue for health, fashion, education, DTC, and SaaS brands, Kevin and Wilson will show you the essential and actionable insights you need to achieve breakthrough numbers.Concepts are laid out in a way that lets you learn and test your knowledge in real time. The book uncovers the best practices used by big-name marketers to beat the competition, such as- Facebook Advertising and Facebook Ads Strategies- Instagram Advertising and Instagram Ads Strategies- Google Ads and Youtube Ads Strategies- Landing Pages and Landing Page Optimization- Content Marketing (Improve your SEO)- A/B Testing- Growth Hacking Methods- Using Google Trends to see what your customers are searching for- Using SimilarWeb to monitor website traffic- Writing and getting published on websites like Understanding growth marketing and what it really means for you- Crafting your message across social media platforms+ other digital marketing topics for you to learn and optimizeDigital Marketing Made Easy is a powerful, accessible, and practical toolkit for B2B and B2C company leaders, individual business owners, or anyone looking for guidance to grow an online business or simply to become a better marketer.”Get out there, break barriers, stay-ahead of the competition, and continue to orchestrate your path to e-com bliss.”- Kevin Urrutia and Wilson Lin, Founders of Voy Media

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