Distracted and Defeated: the rulers and the ruled

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From time to time, the “haves” of society shape and manipulate the type of information the “have-nots” absorb and become.

The “haves” tamper with information so to control the type of thoughts and actions the “have-nots” might conjure. If the “have-nots” were free to think freely, they might challenge the status quo. If the current state of affairs is modified, “the haves” might lose their status as “the haves” and the power they’re accustom to.

The accumulation of each instance has birthed an illusion and every person is subject to the misinformation. To make matters worse, most people are born with a trusting mindset and do not expect the deception. Nor are they prepared for it.

The mystery is worldwide and evident throughout written history. The manner in which the world is presented isn’t complete and fabrications are scattered throughout the chronology.

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