Does It Matter the Form of Candlesticks?

A lot of traders have already books about Japanese Candlesticks and their names thinking that knowing the form
of the candlesticks will lead them to know the future of the next candlesticks which is totally false.
In my life as a trader I have never seen the form of candlesticks. The formation of candlesticks is based on what the day traders
have done in that done. So it has nothing to do with the outcome. What makes the trend move forward is those who hold the stock
over night and that is the price that you see at the end of the day either positive as green or negative as red.
For me, the most important thing is the outcome of that day.
So for those who have read books or are reading now books about candlesticks and their names are just wasting their time.
If you are a short term trader, you should always look at the price and forget about the form of the candlestick.
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