Drop Servicing Simplified: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Drop Servicing Business

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★ Would you like to start a profitable e-commerce business? Ideally from your home and with huge earning potential?

… without dealing with high startup costs, long working hours, and a learning curve?

Drop servicing is the answer for you.

Drop servicing is where you sell services and pay freelancers to fulfil the service on your behalf. You then keep the difference between what you charge your client and what you pay the freelancer.

In this book, Drop Servicing Simplified, Amazon author Michael Geeh, provides a step-by-step guide into how to get started in drop servicing and how to be successful.

CHAPTER 1 starts with an in-depth introduction into the Drop Servicing Business Model:

  1. What is Drop Servicing?
  2. Who is it Suitable for?
  3. The similarities and differences between drop servicing and drop shipping
  4. Pros and cons
  5. Why drop servicing is better than drop shipping
  6. The drop servicing value chain★

After this in-depth introduction, the second chapter discusses how to choose the most profitable services to sell:

  1. Why you should choose a niche
  2. Our proposed niche selection criteria
  3. How to tell if there is money to be made in the niche chosen
  4. How to upskill yourself to be able to sell services
  5. Which niches to avoid

One thing that is as important as choosing which service to sell is finding the right freelancer to do the job for you:

  1. How to choose the right freelancer
  2. Tips on whether to choose the cheapest freelancer
  3. Tips on how to avoid hiring the wrong freelancer

Chapter four then gets you into the details of how to get your website ready to sell the services you have chosen:

  1. What is a landing page?
  2. Tips for creating a highly effective landing page
  3. Tools to create your landing page
  4. How to drive higher order value through up selling and cross selling

    The fifth chapter then guides you how to get your first paying client, and keep the clients flowing in through paid leads and more importantly, free leads.

    We also take you through how to establish yourself as an expert using Quora and Reddit and the GrowZania content model to build your authority using social media.

    Chapter six gives you tips to manage your workload (orders) and make sure you provide top client service.

    The last four (4) chapters then give you tips to run your business and become successful in the long run by focusing on:

    1. How to effectively communicate with your clients
    2. How to communicate with difficult or unhappy clients
    3. How to track your agency’s performance, including the main metrics you should always focus on
    4. How to track your financial performance
    5. How to live the life of a successful entrepreneur through tips such as planning for the seasonality of the business and setting up your workspace for higher productivity

    Are you ready to take the Drop Servicing business challenge?

    Then let this fun 3-hour read be your step-by-step guide to take you on the journey.
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