Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide to Get Your Passive Income and Build Your Store Step-by-Step Straight from Home, with Strategies That Will Help You Build Your Online Empire

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Have you ever wondered how online shopping works and how to actually become a successful entrepreneur? All the information available online these days can be quite overwhelming, especially for a beginner. You don’t need to worry anymore – you have come to the right place. This book will not only teach you how to sell products online, but also to develop successful strategies and make real money by learning more about affiliate marketing.

The first thing to know is the different ways you can deliver your product to the buyer.

The most obvious method is shipping the product themselves, but it’s not necessarily the best solution for all entrepreneurs.

If we’re talking about a digital product, no shipping is required, but unless you’re in the digital publishing or in the software business, this second solution will probably not apply to you.

Another way is for the seller to purchase the product but to have a third-party fulfillment service that ships their goods. As space and time limitations make it difficult for small teams/individuals to handle a large amount of shipping, services like Fulfillment by Amazon that handle the shipping process of goods are seeing a big increase in the demand.

The seller could also list a product they have not bought yet, and a supplier ships the product to the consumer when a sale is made. This last option is know as drop-shipping, and the initial investment of the seller is much less than traditional sales, although it can result in additional costs for products and fees, meaning lower profit margins per sale. However, since the initial investment is mostly time, this means more risks can be taken on a large range of products and scaling the business can begin almost immediately. For this reason, drop-shipping is quickly becoming one of the premier methods for those getting started. It is the least stressful and the most open ended way and for those of us who have a limited budget to start with, and so prefer to put in the time rather than the cost, it is perhaps the best possible method of becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

The second step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is learning about affiliate marketing. This business model originated shortly after the first few businesses started offering products and services online. The affiliate marketing commission system was likely inspired by the commission payment system of offline salespeople, which receive a commission or percentage of the payment amount. 

Affiliate marketing platforms are the most preferred option for both the product merchants and affiliate marketers. This is because they are well equipped and positioned to match buyers of affiliate marketing service (product merchants) and suppliers of affiliate marketing service (affiliate marketers). Thus, they are marketplaces for both product merchants and affiliate marketers to meet, interact and transact.  

Not all these platforms are the same. Therefore, to secure your success, you first need to establish criteria that will enable you to find the best platform for you. 

This book will provide you with all you need to become a good affiliate marketer and entrepreneur. You will learn:

  • What drop-shopping is
  • What affiliate marketing is and how to become an effective affiliate marketer
  • How to create a successful strategy with drop-shipping and affiliate marketing
  • How to find the best products and platforms to drop-ship

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