Duovlo Silk Wisteria Flower Artificial 2.13 Feet Hanging Wisteria Vine Fake Flower Bush String Home Party Wedding Decoration,Pack of 4 (Light Pink)

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We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.

Marianne Williamson writes that we experience love as kindness, giving, forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy and acceptance. Love can show up in a million different ways in a million different forms, which means we have a million choices everyday to bring love into our lives, or not.

Your existence is such an unbelievably fantastic event in this miracle of life that the best and only real option is to become the most tender-hearted, loving and kind individual you can possibly be.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Duovlo wisteria flower.

white wisteria white wisteria

Artificial 2.13 Feet Hanging Wisteria Vine

Looking to add a touch of botanical beauty to your home?

Skip the weeding and watering and spruce up your space with this artificial hanging wisteria bush plant instead! Made from molded plastic and polyester, this no-maintenance piece showcases 4 stems with 5 each long stems of lovely petals and bright green leaves. Though it’s great for bringing verdant appeal to your abode, this versatile design can also sit out on the deck or porch.

light pink wisteria light pink wisteria

Features of Silk Wisteria Flower

Material: Petals and leaves are made of premium silk, stems are made of iron wire that wrapped in plastic. Leaf texture clear, shiny surface of the blade,easy to care;
Size: Total lenght about 2.13 feet with 5 branches,Multi-layered petals,and you need put them tightly if you want to get them as pictures shown;
Quantity: There are 4 stems with 5 branches on each stem so you have 20 stems;
Scenes: You can hang on the wall, door, swing, mirror and any place you like, to get a very good decorative effect. For decorating weddings, tables, home, parties, offices, churches, hotel lobbies, and any other place, also good for outdoor use.

Artificial Fake Wisteria String Vine

pink wisteria

pink wisteria

purple wisteria

purple wisteria

hot pink wisteria

hot pink wisteria

DIY Backdrop Decoration

Wisteria represents intoxicating love with lasting thoughts, so this will not only add color to life but also a symbol of love and good luck.

20 branches of high quality wisteria long hanging bush flowers. This hanging bush flowers are perfectly for tall decoration on the wall, themed weddings, special event, centerpiece arrangements or tall flower plant. This long bush is perfectly for tall wall or hanging decoration such as themed wedding, party event or restaurant.

It is neat, hassle free and no water needed.

Reusable and Durable Flower

Product may ship compressed – Primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown.

There would be accumulated dust if you put it in a place for very long time.You can use the hair dryer with cold wind to remove the dust.

Please don’t put it under strong sunshine.You’d better to dry it by the natural wind.

Due to the difference on sunlight,displays, configurations and diverse opinions on color,color shading is inevitable.

Attention Notice

About the flower ,it are all handmade and there is no glue for every flower head,if flowers keep falling off,pls kindly put the flower back in patience. It is not quality problem.

Branches can be easily bent for hanging, matching other greenery plants, you can create beautiful decorations.

INCLUDING: this is a 4 pack of 25.5 inch pieces wisteria flowers Vines.And natural-looking flowers, Full and soft petals,vivid realistic.
SIZE:About 2.13 Feet in length.per artificial wisteria with 5 branches,1 longer string 25.59”,2 shorter strings 21.65”,2 medium strings 23.62”.
You will net to “fluff” them a bit upon opening but really do look close to natural. And if the petal have a little dirty,pls use wet cloth to wipe.
Wisteria is a symbol of love and happiness.The stem-end has wire in it. When setting up the arbor, the wire was able to be bent to help stagger the flowers for a more ‘realistic’ look.
You can hang it on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors and anywhere as you like to enjoy with artificial leaves vine.Perfect for wedding decoration, table arrangement,also suitable for outdoor.

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