Earning at Home With GDI – How GDI Works

If you’ve ever heard of Global Domains International, or “GDI” you might want to know a little more about the company before signing up as an affiliate with them. I normally write about straight “affiliate marketing”, but today I’m expanding on the topic a little more by giving you an overview of GDI. They are the worldwide Domain name registry for all of the .ws (dot ws) domain names. Of course, the first 7 days are free, yada..yada…yada…you hear that just about everywhere. However, after that 7 days you still don’t EVER pay any sort of membership fees or anything to GDI. What you do pay for as affiliates, is the $10/month for the hosting and maintaining of our own .ws website, which you can use for anything that you want and you can design it as you wish as well. Most affiliates use their site to promote GDI to bring in more traffic, but you’re not required to by any means.

Now, not only do you get your own website, but once you sign up with GDI, you become an affiliate with them as well. There are two different ways of getting paid as an Independent Affiliate with them. The first way that you can make money is by residual monthly commissions, $1 per member that you sign up, and that goes 5 levels deep. So, while at first it doesn’t sound like a whole lot, if you figure for example…that you sign up 5 people…that’s $5/month…then those 5 people also refer 5 more people, that’s $25/month…and so on for 5 layers… by the end of your level 5, that is over $3,000/month which is going into your own pocket! The beauty of this program is also the fact that it’s a residual income, so you are guaranteed to be paid every month. There is no limit to the amount of people that you can refer to the company, which means that there is no limit to your own income, not to mention the fact that you basically have the people in your downline building for you while they themselves are making money. Now, the second way of making money with GDI is through their weekly bonus program. Monday through Sunday every week, for every 5 people that you sign up, you receive a $100 bonus…For every 10 people a week is $200…etc. you get the point.

Global Doamins Int’l is actually listed 37th in Inc. 500 Magazines “Fastest Growing Companies Worldwide” and in the top ten for fastest growing companies in the state of California. They have been in business since 1999, so that goes to show that they’re not just some sort of “fly by the night” type of company, but a real and reputable business. Right now is the best time to get yourself associated with this company, there is still so much growth opportunity. There is however, “work” that does need to be put in to growing you affiliate presence within GDI. You need to have some know-how about marketing strategies, and how to use them in order to get people to join your “team”. This is absolutely recession proof, and because GDI is a global company, you aren’t limited to signing people up from only the U.S. You can sign people up from ANY country…Period. You are able to use all of your social networks to refer people, Facebook, LinkedIn, and also Twitter. As a sidenote, you also want to make sure that your “upline” team is already successful, so that they are able to help guide you in the right direction as well.

Source by Mary B Golding

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