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(find most of them throughout the book!)

Learning and the online technology are two things that are constantly infused into our everyday technology.

The world has been made a better place by making the two come together through E-LEARNING.

The recent development is advantageous not just to eager e-students but also to aspiring e-course developers.

Whether you want people to make the most out of their e-learning or you want to know how to make a profitable business venture, this insightful primer is for you!

Make an E-Course that is Straight-A-Student Worthy!

Help E-students get the best out of their online learning experience and make money while doing it. Know what makes a basic E-learning lesson. Learn the basics of course designing and create one of your target audience’s needs, knowing which content is relevant and accurate.

Present your Lessons like a PRO!

Just like every learning experience, one medium is not enough. Learn how to use visual and audio-communication technology to your advantage. Find out how to make your courses interactive and exciting. Get enthusiastic E-learners enrolling!

The ABCs and 123s of E-LEARNING:

  • Learn what makes E-learning tick
  • The dos and don’ts of E-learning
  • Know what makes the perfect course design
  • Draft your lessons promise
  • Use the right presentational style
  • Create an effective content
  • Make the course interactive
  • Incorporate games, case studies, and other media
  • Much, much more!

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